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2: Once done unzip the folder and put it in a location where you wish to keep the core wallet.

3: Pigeoncoin wallet is similar to Ravencoin wallet and you can use this Kikuchi Creole Earrings Titanium Stainless Steel Classic Earrings 10nbsp;mm Extra Wide Polished Silver ylI1qi
to complete the wallet setup.

If your wallet is not syncing or is taking too much time to connect to the network then try adding nodes .

The wallet is self explanatory and it is easy to use. Just create a new PGN address so you can get started with mining Pigeoncoin.

We hope you got your GPUs and PGN address ready. NVIDIA miners can download the latest nevermore x16s miner A Little Hope Bracelet in Silver hd1MNldlqL
. AMD miners can download the latest x16s AMD miner from here . Download the miners, extract it and in case if your Alilang Womens Multicolor Golden Accent Ocean Seashell Couch Mermaid Sea Witch Drop Dangle Earrings pCPZfP
it is false positive so just add exception to it.

You can choose any one of the above pools and start mining. Here in this guide we’ll usehttps://blockcruncher.com/ as an example to configure your miner.

Nvidia Miner configuration:

Inside Nevermore miner folder create a .bat file or you should find one already. Just edit it and replace it with your wallet address. Or create a new txt file, copy the below code, put it in, change the address and save it as .bat file. Once done open the bat file which should start mining Pigeon.

AMD Miner configuration

For AMD sgminer use the configuration below or just edit the example.bat that you find in the AMD miner.

The above configuration is just a sample for you to get started with mining PGN. Make sure to change your wallet address. Also you can replace the -o, -u, and -p arguments with your own pool, user (wallet address), and password.

There is no exchange for Pigeoncoin yet which we can expect soon. Currently the price of Pigeoncoin is at 40 to 50 Satoshi and the trading is happening with the help of escrows in official discord channel .

We don’t know what other bird coins are yet to come and we don’t know what plans or future this Pigeoncoin has. Pigeoncoin has almost mirrored everything from Raven and apart from X16S proof of concept there is nothing new. Initially we assumed that it was a Joke, but it looks like so many miners have joined the club already. People are trading Raven for Pigeon at 1:10 ratio. Also there are so many discussions going on in forums comparing Ravencoin VS Pigeoncoin. Whatever; our opinion is that Ravencoin has strong community and ultimate development team behind it. Ravencoin is designed to have a purpose whereas Pigeoncoin just looks like another meme coin like SODIALR Fringe Earrings Triple Ball Thread Wrapped Stud Earring Long Tassel For Women Orange amp; Black ykwnqOH
and Dogecoin.

I made this tonight, and it came out great! I made some minor changes to the recipe. After seasoning my chicken with salt and pepper, I then added cumin and McCormick(Perfect Pinch) Mexican seasoning liberally. I drizzled olive oil over the chicken to form a marinade, and let it sit for an hour. I browned the chicken in a pan and then transferred to a baking dish, and finished the recipe as instructed. I paired this with Spanish Cauliflower rice. Excellent dinner!


I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Casey, and your changes sound delicious!


Linda says

Can you possibly add adjustments for those of us who don’t have ovens to use? (Too long to explain) I’ve been doing my best using a heavy skillet for the oven methods, I’m just not sure my meals are turning out as perfect as yours! We absolutely love and enjoy both your recipes and website/blog! It’s not easy finding meals for two….thank you ever so much!

Clearine Womens 925 Sterling Silver Wedding Bridal Hoop Baroque Hook Earrings Adorned with Swarovski Crystals Aquamarine Color fvx8F

Thanks so much, Linda! So, my sister actually always makes this completely on the stove, so I asked her what she does. She said she sprinkles the chicken with salt, pepper, and taco seasoning and then cooks it on the stove using this method: https://bakingmischief.com/2018/01/13/how-to-cook-chicken-breasts/

When the chicken is almost cooked through and most of the liquid has evaporated, she adds the salsa on top of the chicken followed by the cheese, puts the lid back on and cooks till the chicken is done. If there’s still a lot of liquid in the pan and the salsa is too liquidy, she removes the cooked chicken and simmers just the salsa uncovered until it has thickened. Hope that helps!

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> > Blocking WordPress Pingback (XML-RPC) DDoS Attacks With NGINX

Oct 25, 2017 | Pewter Norse Viking Rune Pendant J4yvA

A WordPress XML-RPC attack is a type of HTTP layer 7 DDoS attack that abuses the XML-RPC APIof WordPress based websites to send HTTP GET requests to a victim’s web server in order to overload and crash it.

This type of application layer attack is a relatively common part of layer 7 attacks, because a lot of people who run WordPress websites keep Pingback and Trackback features enabled, which ensures the bad guys always have enough vulnerable WordPress servers available to initiate this type of attack against an unprotected victim.

This article will guide you on how to “fix” your WordPress installation to ensure that it can’t be used as a part of an XML-RPC attack, show you how the xmlrpc.php exploit works and also how to protect yourself from it withNGINX, if you’re the victim of such a layer 7 Distributed Denial of Service attack .

Table of Contents

A Close Look at the WordPress XML-RPC Attack

A so-called is the attempt to notify a 3rd party site that you link to it. This is normally to get some exposure and hope that the 3rd party site will link back to your website in return. While this maybe a semi useful way of gaining a few backlinks, this feature can easily be abused to hammer a site with Pingback requests by forging the part of the Pingback request that tells the 3rd party site which website initiated the Pingback request.

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This is possible because no verification on the network level happens, that could determine the IP address the request came from and if it’s the same the request will go back to. Forging the sender of a request/packet to make badly designed remote services send back responses to an IP/services that never asked for them in the first place is generally called a “reflection attack”. A WordPress XML-RPC DDoS attack is a reflection attack (DrDoS) on application layer (layer 7 of the OSI model).

The Forged Pingback Request

Basically the attacker only has to send a POST request to an exploitable WordPress domain. In this example we’ll use to do that. The below command will exploithttp://vulnerablewordpress.com/xmlrpc.phpto send a malicious Pingback response tohttp://victim.com/hello-world/.

curl -d – The “-d” option is short for “–data” and tells cURL to send a POST request containing a payload

http://vulnerablewordpress.com/ – This is the URL of a WordPress website that has Pingbacks via xmlrpc.php enabled and is therefore vulnerable to this kind of request forgery

http://victim.com/hello-world/ – This is the victim URL to which the response to the forged Pingback request will be sent to

http://vulnerablewordpress.com/hello-world/ – This is the URL to a valid blog post on the vulnerable WordPress website

The Malicious Pingback Response

The above cURL command will result in a HTTP GET request tohttp://victim.com/hello-world/. While a few of such requests are not harmful and are in fact very similar to what happens when a visitor opens a blog post, this method can be used to generate hundreds and thousands of such requests per second and that will most definitely bring down most websites. Below is an example ofhow the response to our malicious cURL request would look like in the access logs of the victim’s web server:

Enough theory, let’s move on to the practical part of this paper.

Fixing Your WordPress Website

If you run a WordPress website and want to make sure that it can’t be used as a zombie participating in a DDoS attack, there are a few different approachesto ensure that.

Disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks (Recommended)

The most easy and intuitive way to make sure that your WordPress website can’t be abused for DDoS attacks is to untick “ under ““.

Rename or Delete xmlrpc.php

Probably a bold way of resolving this issue, but a very safe one. Simply delete the file called in your WordPress root directory. Instead of deleting it, you can also rename it to say .

Use a WordPress Plugin

Instead of editing or changing any setting manually, you can install a WordPress plugin to disable the XML-RPC API , which will have a similar effect as the above methods.

Using NGINX to Block the WordPress XML-RPC Attack

Now to the interesting part. If you’ve become the target of a WordPress pingback attack, how do you protect yourself without the help of a professional DDoS protection service? While JavaPipe offers remote DDoS protection for websites that will definitely keep you safe from XML-RPC attacksamongst any others, you can also put NGINX as a local reverse proxy in-front of your web server (likely Apache) and block this type of attack in a reliable way with NGINX. I’m not going to show you how to setup NGINX as a reverse proxy, as that’s not the topic of this paper.

Open Your NGINX vHost File

First you have to open the NGINX vHost file of the domain that is under attack. If you installed NGINX from a repository (RPM or DEB package), the vHost path is likely . If you use WHM/cPanel on your server, you can install the plugin NginxCP (NGINX Admin) to get NGINX working as a reverse proxy in-front of your Apache web server.

With NginxCP the vHosts are located in . Once you’ve found and opened the vHost file of the target domain that’s being attacked or that you want to secure, you have to add the following withinyour configuration block.

What this rule does is match any HTTP requests that use in the user agent string, which all WordPress sites do by default. We’ve seen this pattern in the response to our forged cURL pingback request (see “The Malicious Pingback Reponse”). Then, if the condition is true (ie. the request contains “WordPress” in its user agent string), the rule will return a 444 status.

A successful HTTP response has the status code 200 and, something you likely have seen already, an URL that doesn’t exist will give 404 status response. Now the 444 status response is something specific to NGINX. The 444 status will cause NGINX to close the connection immediately and not send any response, no error page no nothing.

I’ve seen a lot of guides suggesting to send similar malicious requests to 403 (“Forbidden”) error pages, but that forces NGINX to process the HTTP request and send a response. If you expect many malicious requests, which is obviously the case during a layer 7 DDoS attack such as the XML-RPC one, you don’t want that as it will only waste traffic and resources.

Instead we don’t bother with those requests at all and immediately drop them by returning a 444 status, which doesn’t actually return anything but just closes the connection. That’s a great feature of NGINX that everyone working with it should be aware of.


With the instructions found inthis article you can easily secure your website from this type of HTTP flood while ensuring the best possible performance even when under attack. You can proactively apply this rule to your NGINX setup if you want to be safe from XML-RPC attacks. If you run a WordPress website yourself, make sure to follow the instructions on how to disable Pingbacks, to help take away the firepower of the bad guys and contribute to a (at least slightly) safer online world.

PS: If you want to protect your Linux server from network layer DDoS attacks, check out our guide on DDoS protection with iptables !

if ( $http_user_agent ~ WordPress ) { return 444 ; }
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